"Too pretty for your own good, that's why you destroy everything you touch."
  • Original first attempt of Yin and Yang, micron pen on sketchbook paper. Another one of my favorite lineart pieces. Prints for sale at http://society6.com/florencedelacruz. 2nd attempt with mixed media here http://instagram.com/p/uHlwdCu44L/. #yinandyang #micron #illustration

  • Quite a phenomenal concert to be a part of. It’s always been a pleasure performing with the Aztec Concert Choir and seeing other talented groups perform. All our hard work paid off for a beautiful result.😉🎶🎼🎤 #sdsuchoir (at College Avenue Baptist Church)

  • Happy he came to see me perform at my choir concert.😊🎶🎤#sdsuchoir (at College Avenue Baptist Church)

  • Celebrated 100 days together at #Benihana last night. :) 💑 It’s been amazing with this wonderful man of mine.😊 #100days (at Benihana Japanese Steakhouse)

  • Due im my drawing class a few weeks ago, but still not considered finished. And yet I am satisfied with the development. Based off of an iconic photo of Anna Fisher, one of the earliest female astronauts featured in a National Geographic magazine in the 1960’s.🚀Done in #charcoal. #drawing #art #astronaut #annafisher

  • Two opposite forces meant to complement each other. Yin and Yang close-up. Origonal full-view at http://instagram.com/p/uHlwdCu44L/
    #yinandyang #balance #drawing #micron #watercolorpencil #tonedpaper #art

  • Yin and Yang completed. Subject itself done on white drawing paper with micron pen and watercolor pencil. Later pasted onto toned paper, bamboo leaves drawn with a sepia brush pen. This piece is dedicated to a former drawing professor of mine who had a deep appreciation for Chinese culture. He’s mentioned about Yin and Yang and intensively made us draw bamboo leaves. Gotta say it was worth it— didn’t think I’d use bamboo leaves again in future work. Rest in peace Professor Robert Mansfield.🌿 #yinandyang #balance #drawing #bambooleaves #micron #watercolorpencil #tonedpaper

  • malevawitch:

    Do you see her????

    Is Carol saving her family.

    A woman who’s a hero, a survivor.

    A woman who saved Rick’s daughter.

    A woman that is loved by Daryl Dixon.

    Deal with it.